Shecky Tweets for 2011-07-30

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Spooler service stops

The case of the mysterious stopping spooler has been solved. At least this time.

Good old Microsoft. You send in errors, look up errors and can not find anything from Microsoft itself. Half the time the people in the Technet Forums treat people with almost a snark to them, and don’t listen. Canned answers, no answers, and worst of all no information.

I recently had one of those spooler.exe keeps stopping problems. Went through all the logs, did my Internet searches and came up with an answer. c:\windows\system32\spooler\print needed to be cleaned out. Simple answer, which I found archived from a forum question about 4 years ago. Not an official Microsoft forums mind you, just a general IT forum.I find more things away from Microsoft than on their site.

It is frustrating. I am sure all of you have run into something similar. You look in the event logs and there is the “Click here for more information” link in the error message. Of course 99% of the time when you click on that link, the more information is sorry, we have no information on that error. The rest of the time it is just a general description that already has been stated inside the log entry.

Why does Microsoft tease us so? They have the perfect mechanism to help us, the ones who support their products, and yet they shun us. Yes there is a lot of other information out on the net, but sometimes you run into errors that you can’t find anyone else who has solved the error. Sometimes you want that information from Microsoft, without having to call them up and use an incident or pay for an incident. Last time I called up Microsoft, I had the problem figured out while on hold because the Microsoft Technician was asking for help. He couldn’t find information on the error codes.

Microsoft wants to be a big name in search. They have the perfect mechanism to help take Google down a peg with the links in the error log entries. Why they don’t get that working properly, I have no clue.

Shecky Tweets for 2011-07-28

  • Recently Read Daemon and am reading its Sequel Freedom by Daniel Suarez. Fantastic books, and pretty scary considering today's world. #
  • #Facebook for Business debuts: 1-up over 'social-only' Google+ Great, now Business can lose #privacy easier. #
  • US Cyberwarfare Policy Should Make Enterprises Sweat the Insider Threat: #infosec #
  • He who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead; his eyes are closed. -Albert Einstien #
  • I can't argue with this article. RT @microsoftsubnet: The new IT guys #

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