Windows 7 RC1 Released

Microsoft pulled a fast one and put up the Windows 7 RC download a day early. Now it time to get it and play with it. I understand that XPM is supposed to be testable, so lets see what it is, and don’t forget to report bugs you find so maybe we can get the worst bugs out of it before it ships.

You can download it at:

They did set it up so that if the download gets interrupted it will pick up where it left off, which should make things a little easier on that end.

Microsoft might actually do something right…

Windows vista I have looked at, and for the most part, considering it the spawn of Windows ME. Vista has its good points, and Microsoft tried with it, but with a moving target, stripped down capabilities compared to what it was supposed to have, and massive delays on getting it to market, Microsoft really messed up.

It wasn’t just that older software would not run on it, but software and hardware companies didn’t buy into it. It took forever for applications to be written for it, let alone all the issues with hardware drivers Vista has had.

Well, it seems that Microsoft can learn from its mistakes. Windows 7 has been in beta for a little while now, and most people call it a big improvement from Vista. The first Release Candidate becomes public on May 5, and yes I’m going to get it. What I am looking forward to seeing how it works is the newest feature announced for Windows 7. XPM the feature is called, and if it works the way it is supposed to , well, there will be very little reason not to move to Windows 7.

The idea behind XPM is basically Windows XP sp3 running in a virtual machine, which allows legacy apps to be run normally. The kicker to XPM is the idea that it runs seamlessly in the background. Apps that require XP still get shortcuts installed to your normal Start menu and when you launch the app, it seamlessly launches in its own window, even though it is on a virtual machine, you don’t see the virtual machine running. You don’t have to start a virtual machine session first. Supposedly, it just works.

We shall find out how well it just works rather soon. This is the one thing that if it works right, could save Microsoft’s reputation.

Betas, RCs, and other upcoming reviews

Ok, with all the security blogging I’ve done this week, I figure its time to do a post about something a little different.

There is a bunch of Beta software out there, and more coming soon. Currently Windows 7, Exchange 2010, Firefox 3.5 and Ubuntu 9.04 are all out in beta form. Exchange, unfortunately, I don’t have a real way of doing proper beta testing on or reviewing.

Windows 7 I will be getting with the RC1 on May 5. I want to test the heck out of it and post a review as I do test it. I figure while I’m working with Windows 78, I can check out the new beta of Firefox and see what is up on that.

Finally, Ubuntu 9.04. Yes I run Ubuntu on one laptop and an old Celeron machine. The old desktop won’t be getting 9.04, but the lappy definitely will. I’ve been wanting to do a wipe and reinstall of the laptop for a while now, and this looks like the perfect chance. Mind you sometime today 9.04 is officially released, or so it was announced earlier this week. If it takes another day or two before I get my hands on it, then oh well.

So much going on, and while I do all of that, I am waiting to see which way the wind blows for the next version of office this week. Its been announced that the beta for it later this year will be open to the public, then announced that it woun’t be, then announced that it will be. I think someone at Microsoft needs to get on the ball with a decision on that one.