Symantec SMB solution

It is being reported that Symantec is coming out with a new SMB version of Endpoint Protection. Pardon me if I don’t start jumping for joy.

I do install a lot of Symantec for clients, and I have dealt with their current Endpoint SMB solution. It does work, but at a very high cost. The management system in it is anything but intuitive, adding desktops to the management console and managing them through the console is not simple. The database for the Management system continuously grows to the point where I have had to make sure it is installed only on a data drive, and not to install the Endpoint Manager on an OS partition.

Other odd things I’ve run across is the way it comes out of the box, you need to go in and tell it not to scan your backup drive, especially if it is an SSD drive. I’ve had many issues with Symantec’s own BackupExec because the drive is in use due to Endpoint scanning it all. Then there is the firewall and the way on a server it starts blocking ports that you tell it to leave open. Some software packages do use special ports for legitimate communication purposes. As far as support goes, don’t get me started on the poor support resources Symantec has for all of its products.

Since Endpoint now does allow back reving to the older 10.2 AV solution, I tend to put 10.2 on because it causes less problems.  Less overhead, easier to manage, and it just works.

I know I’ll wind up having to deal with the new version, I just hope that the upcoming beta testing is open so I can place it on my test box and see whether it is worth it, or should I start recommending a different SMB solution. I know that my clients need the protection one way or another.

Tips, Ticks, and News

I figure what a decent way to start off the week with some links to some tips, tricks, and news.

First off is the news that Microsoft’s Free E-book Offer is back. Starting this Wednesday, April 15 and going through April 22, you can download 2 books from Microsoft Press, completely free. The more interesting one to myself is the Windows 2008 Small Business Administrator’s Companion.

Keeping on the Windows 2008 track Microsoft’s Technet Blogs have decided that this months weekly tip series is on Windows Server 2008. Week 1 and Week 2 have been posted and I have to admit, this is some real good information. Some of it seems quite simple, but as I’ve said before, how many times have you stupidly overlooked like the simple? I know I do quite often.

Finally it seems that the economy has hit the SMB Summit this year. Susan Bradley has more information at her blog, or you can just go to the SMBTN Blog. I say go and check out Susan’s blog anyways as she always has interesting posts with some good information.

And that is it for this Monday morning. More to come during the week, as I get to delve into the idea of 1:1 computing for schools.

And now for something completely different

Server 2008 is a nice Operating System. Works pretty smooth, pretty easy to find things in it, DFRS management could be a little bit easier, but the biggest problem I have with it so far is…

Aero. That’s right the stupid looking, pain in the arse, Vista look. I can hear you now saying, “Come on, it just takes some time to get used to.” That is what they said about Word 2007, and after a year I still can’t find half the stuff I used in Word 2003, heck I found that they pulled some of my most useful things in that.

So pardon me if I say it loud and proud. I HATE THE AERO EXPERIENCE! The way that you “explore” a network is unintuitive, a pain in the rear, and just cumbersome. The layout, even when switched to Classic Mode, is extremely poor, and again unintuitive. The fact that you have to turn on the run command is just plain stupid on a server. The login screen is a pain also, especially if you want to log onto a different domain or workgroup.

Yeah, there are people out there that might love it, and good for them. I’d rather see microsoft give us a choice of the old XP desktop or the Aero desktop. Hey, with Linux you have KDE and GNOME, plus a bunch of other lesser known GUI desktops. Give us the choice!